We’ve arrived at NamibRand Reserve

Sunset photo

After three days of travel, we have finally arrived in NamibRand
Nature Reserve. We traveled from Colorado to Washington D.C. to
Johannesburg (with a brief stop-over in Dakar) to Windhoek. At that
point (it had been about 30 hours of travel!) we basically crashed
into bed, and woke up the next morning feeling a bit more refreshed.

We picked up our 4-wheel drive truck, which they cancel the insurance
for if they catch you speeding using their satellite navigation
system—so we will be going exactly the speed limit! From there we
headed to the supermarket. After supplying for the next two weeks with
so many groceries, we were off!

Leaving Windhoek, it was immediately apparent that, at least in some
parts of the country, the drought had lifted. The bush was beautifully
green with a lot of new growth. It even down-poured on us for a few
minutes. The drive to NamibRand took us about 6 hours, with stunning
landscapes along the way and the most beautiful dark-red sunset,
complete with billowy clouds. During the drive, we saw ostrich,
baboons, and a large herbivore that none of us knew what it was (we
coined it a Namibian deer for now). (Update: this was a female greater
Kudu.) I wish we could post an awesome photo of the wildlife, but
they were all pretty skittish…hopefully soon.

We arrived in NamibRand in the dark and picked up the keys to our
house. NamibRand has also received a bit of rain recently, so we are
excited to visit the sites today and see how they’ve responded.

Update: The internet here at the reserve is pretty slow, so we will
try to post as much as possible (including pictures). We’ll see how it
goes, and if we can’t post regularly from the reserve, we promise lots
of fairy circle and wildlife photos once we return.



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