The Landscape

We are back in the U.S.A. after a very successful trip. I’m excited to share another science-focused post soon, but with the jet lag that definitely won’t be today!

Since we had limited internet access from the field, I have a backlog of pictures to share. Here’s some highlights of the desert landscape. The valley, filled with fairy circles, surrounded by mountains and dunes made for a stunning background and incredible sunsets.

2017-01-14 23.42.52.jpg

The fairy circles from above with two trucks for perspective

2017-01-18 09.55.27.jpg

Searching for potential fairy circle gradients

2017-01-14 23.44.12.jpg

The dune system behind our home-away-from-home

2017-01-18 10.22.12.jpg

A fairy circle sunset

2017-01-20 00.15.50.jpg

A lone dune on the valley floor

2017-01-23 01.27.03.jpg

So long, NamibRand–at least for this year. I love the quote from Nelson Mandela on their sign.


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